Increase Your Webinar Close Rate By Answering These 3 Core Questions


Podcast   If you’ve run a live event or webinar before, you probably know that delivering your content (the ‘meat’ of your event) isn’t the most stressful part. It’s the close – the time you make your offer, with the goal to convert prospects into clients. When you get the close wrong, you feel lousy..

How To Increase Your Coaching Prices And Feel Bulletproof About Your Value


Podcast Are you completely satisfied with your coaching prices? If so, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Just the other day I spoke with three coaches, all at different places in their careers, who are struggling with pricing. The first conversation was with a brand new coach. He said that because he’s just.

Setting News Traps

Setting News Traps (TM)

Podcast  In this video: 00:42 Creating Content 00:48 Setting News Traps 00:54 The Four Commitments of Follow Up G’day Rockstar! Taki Moore here from In this video I want to teach you what to do if you don’t know what video you are going to make. Specifically, how to know what content to create.

Webinar Marketing: Map Out Marketing to Max Out Attendance

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Podcast   Preparing for a successful webinar isn’t just compiling the right stats and piecing together a slideshow. Sure, those things are important, but the REAL challenge is getting prospects to register and attend. If nobody signs up or shows up, your webinar is useless at turning prospects into clients. Your marketing campaign must be.

How to Craft Your Morning Ritual To Feel Unstoppable

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Podcast   If you’ve ever listened to Tim Ferriss’s podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, you’ve heard about the morning routine. Tim asks almost every guest he interviews what the first hour of their day looks like. With over 100 guests, it’s obviously important to him. As I thought about why a morning ritual is so.

Double Email Conversions With The Story Selling Technique

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Podcast   Hands down, email marketing is one of the most effective tools for converting prospects to clients. Why is it then, that most coaches either don’t do it well, or don’t do it all? The obvious answer is that writing is hard. You find yourself staring at a blank screen for hours, and the.